KEB started making electromagnetic couplings and brakes in 1972 with six employees. Now become a global medium-sized operational concern, with a workforce of more than 1400 employees.
The aim from the beginning was to develop high manufacturing depth on the latest production systems, as well as wide experience in applications in virtually all modern machine and installation production sectors, substantially securing the firm's success.

Each year KEB produce and deliver more than 150,000 Inverters and Servo Controllers, and more than 50,000 Gear Motors. KEB products are used in a variety of industries such Plastics and Wind Energy. European Electronics stocks and supplies KEB Products, Top quality with Warranty and fast delivery.

KEB products are in three sectors (Automotive, e-mobility and Wind Power)
Electromagnetic Clutches Automotive, Bistable Clutches - Low Energy Solution, Permanentmagnetic Clutches Automotive, Spring Applied Clutches – Hybrid, Electromagnetic Brakes Automotive, Bistable Brakes - Low Energy Solution, Permanentmagnetic Brakes Automotive, Mechanical Charging - Switching of Auxiliary Drive and Hybrid, Air Conditioning Compressor, Door - Flap - Lift Gates

COMBIVERT T6 APD Auxiliaries Power Drives, Main Control Unit – MCU, Drive Controller Unit – DCU, Communication Gateway, T6 APD – Accessories, City Bus, City Truck, Agricultural Machinery, Commissioning Wizard, COMBIVIS, COMBIVIS studio 6

Wind Power:
Pitch Drive, Pitch Motors, Yaw Drive, Remote Control, Pitch and Yaw Brakes, Pitch.

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#Part NumberDescription 
#114F5B1D-380AKEB 75 KW Inverter View
#222F4C2R-3420/22KEB 55Kw Inverter View
#314F0R11-3429KEB Input 3Ph 380/480V Inverter View
#407F4F1D-3240KEB Combivert Inverter View
#505S4D21-3001KEB Combivert Servo Amplifier View
#607F0200-1278075Kw inverter View
#718R4SOG-3401KEB 21KW Inverter View
#814F5B1E-3A00KEB Combivert 75KW AC Drive View
#905S4030-3270KEB Combivert Servo Amplifier View
#1009F4S1D-1220F4 15KW Inverter View
#1118F4 COH-3441/2222kw Inverter View
#1220F4C1K-3440122KEB 37Kw Inverter View
#1307F4S1D-3420KEB F4 750 Watt Inverter View
#1416F4CMG-4F05/2215Kw Inverter View
#1512F4C1D-3420/14Keb Combivert F4 4Kw Inverter View
#1612F4C1D-4M00/14KEB Combivert 40kw inverter View
#1710S4D11-3470KEB Combivert S4 Inverter View
#1807F4C1D-1280KEB Inverter View
#1907F5B3A-ZAOO075kw Inverter View
#2009F5CBB-YA00KEB F5 15KW inverter View
#2109F5B1B-3A0AKEB COMBIVERT 15kW 28KVA View
#2212F5M1D-39D066KVA 40KW AC Drive View
#2307F5B1B-3BOAKEB 075KW Servo Drive View
#2412F4C1D-4M00KEB F4 Combivert, 40kw inverter View
#2507F5B3A-Z000075kw Inverter View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 356


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