Vickers is committed to improving energy efficiency for businesses. They offer the very latest in cutting edge Energy Management Systems, which incorporate advanced intuitive software, developed by group company, Vickers Electronics.

Vickers design, manufacture, install and maintain their advanced energy management systems, guaranteed to revolutionise energy consumption. In turn, money is saved and carbon emissions are reduced.

Vickers have won the Queen's Award for Environmental Achievement for proven reductions in CO2 emissions.

Flexible Energy Management Systems incorporating intuitive software can be adapted to suit all business sectors including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation, storage and engineering.

With Manchester headquarters, Vickers' teams of engineers and account managers are located nationwide and provide a professional, efficient service.

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#20VFS5 285 302604EVFS5 285 302604E View
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#23FAS-A0-005-030-16-07-00FAS-A0-005-030-16-07-00 View
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